notmypresident: (Bossy Bear GIMME)
Yay! I got a shipping notice last night from Federal Express that my new TV is scheduled to be delivered this coming Wednesday. Wednesday! I'm so stoked. And I'm grateful that FedEx is the company handling the delivery. I've always regarded FedEx as the most reliable and well-run of all the various shipping companies. UPS has improved dramatically — thanks, no doubt, to the competition from FedEx — but it still has a ways to go. At least the UPS delivery men no long toss packages to my doorstep from their truck (something that happened all too frequently in the past). And forget entirely about the USPS. I cringe every time Amazon ships something to me via the U.S. Post Office. Their "tracking" system is worthless. Case in point: the shipment of my Blondie album. The last information showed that it was in the San Francisco Bay Area (Richmond, in fact), which probably meant a delivery either today or tomorrow. Now, however, the Post Office is reporting that the item hasn't even been shipped yet and isn't expected to arrive until May 20. I mean, what the fuck?!?

But hey, Wednesday for my new TV. Whoot!!!

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