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A Chicago art installation is planned for later this fall that will thumb its nose at Donald Trump by blocking the logo for his property. The project's artist got permission from Pink Floyd to use the iconic flying pig from its "Animals" album and they've been recreated in gold.

Unfortunately, the art installation is set to last for just one day. I'm sure they had issues with the Chicago Port Authority for staying on the river longer than that, but it's a shame that it couldn't be permanent.

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Since the death of my Samsung 4K TV a couple of weeks ago, I've been without my audio/visual setup. I know this might not seem like a big thing to most folks, but for me it's been hell. My system is set up so that my universal Oppo player is its heart. The universal machine handles playback of CDs, SACDs, DVD-As, Digital Music Files, DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K UHDs. Hey, they don't call it "universal" for nothing. Unfortunately, the controls require a display to be functional. No TV, no universal player. SAD!

I guess it's no surprise that, instead of waiting a month to make sure that I'd recovered financially from the NYC trip, I bit the bullet today and bought a replacement set. This wasn't easy. There were certain criteria that I needed in the new set to justify its cost: it had to have an OLED display; it had to have 4K; it had to have 3D (something most manufacturers have dropped from their 2017 lines); and it had to be within my budget. There aren't a lot of options as a result of those requirements, but I think I found one in the LG-OLED55C6P. It reads well in all of the internet research I've been doing, so my hopes are high. It should arrive sometime next week.

I had to basically rob Peter to pay Paul in order to pull this off so quickly after NYC. Thankfully, there's a workaround over at Amazon for its policy of not allowing customers to split an order between two credit cards. All one has to do is buy an Amazon gift card and then apply it to the order when you pay! My new TV was just a few dollars more than the available credit I had on one of my cards, and buying the gift certificate brought down to within reach for the other. Yay!

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What happens when you take an old Aretha Franklin song and combine it with a great pop/dance band like Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark? You get this incredible piece of music:

I downloaded the track years ago and it's one that I listen to over and over (more than 150 individual listens, which puts it in my Top 10 Most Played playlist! Sadly, there doesn't appear to be an extended remix that's commercially available. And just to note that the audio in this clip — one reason I seldom post YouTube music links — is pretty poor; the original audio is much, much better.

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Mrs. Bowers knocks another one out of the celestial park:

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