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The nominations for the 2016-2017 Tony Awards were announced this morning.

Wow — not a single nomination for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I mean, not even in a technical category, which is a real slap in the face. And I certainly like the music more than most (though perhaps the incorporation of music from the film worked against the show).

What's even more telling is that there were only four – four! — shows nominated for Best Musical in a season that just about everyone agrees has been the strongest in a long, long time. It's long been a tradition to only nominate four shows, but there are exceptions (like last year, for instance, when five were selected). I think the paucity of nominations, coupled with the stale choices of the shows that were chosen, surprised me the most.

I didn't think there would be such obvious "first runners" in such a strong season, but there are. "Dear Evan Hansen" will win Best Musical and most of its other categories. "Sweat" will win Best Play. Bette Midler will win for Best Actress in a Musical for "Hello, Dolly," and it will almost certainly win Best Revival. I'd like to see Christian Borle win for "Falsettos," and "Gavin Creel" for "Hello, Dolly," but "Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812" will probably take the supporting musical cast awards.

Time for Another Hot Guy.

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I saw this last night while watching "Supergirl" (which had another strong episode, BTW). There are two commercials with the same cast (the first one actually showing a court reporter singing!), but I went with this version because of the hot bear who starts and ends the clip.

Gotta love a hot bear wink.

Now, Another Hot Guy.