notmypresident: (Bossy Bear GIMME)
This is a "hit" for me from Randy Rainbow, who is otherwise very much hit or miss. Really clever lyrics for this one, however! And it shits all over Donald Trump, so bonus points for that.

We're having a heat wave this week, so much so that the local weather stations are putting up preemptory alerts for seniors and others who might have to take shelter — this Wednesday or Thursday, when the local weather people have trouble coming up with accurate forecasts for the next 24 hours. I'm not kidding about that. Someone flipping a coin or who looks out a window would have just as much accuracy. Of course, this is coming from news outlets who feel as if every story must be delivered as if the Apocalypse was nigh to deliver ratings. It's tiresome in the extreme.

I'm excited to be getting several packages today, including three new additions to my collection of Broadway window posters! Hoot!

Also excited by Another Hot Guy.