notmypresident: (Angry Daffy)
I had to join Tumbler the other day so that I could follow Logan Kowalsky. I'm used to visiting picture archives there, but I've never been a member until now.

I'm not impressed.

Tumbler has this really annoying business model that forces what's called the "dashboard" on you. It's just a fancy word for forced ads, though in this case the ads are sites that pay for the privilege of being placed front and center on the dashboard. I can't display more than two or three entries of someone's actual Tumbler account without being forced to view these things. There's a meaningless option that purports to give a user "control" over the display, but it's just a metric to help the site and does absolutely nothing (the same pages pop up after "deletion" only a few screen scrolls later). Of course, I went online to see if there were ways to defeat the dashboard, but none of the solutions offered worked for me. I suspect Tumbler works overtime to circumvent dashboard workarounds. I won't be visiting regularly.

Still feeling very sluggish, but that's typical for post-sugar crashes. Got seven hours (!!!) of sleep last night, so that's good.

Now for Another Hot Guy.