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Nominations for this year's Tony Awards will be announced in just a few days, and lots of the Broadway-themed web sites that I read are jumping all over themselves trying to handicap the race. I knew even when I was in NYC that none of the shows I saw were likely to win a Tony. "Hello, Dolly" is a sentimental favorite for Best Revival of a Musical, but it's unclear if the brief run of "Falsettos" (which I definitely would have seen had it run past December) will sneak in under the wire. The only other contender of the musicals I saw is "Groundhog Day." But even though it won the Best Musical in London last year, it's chances here in The Colonies are decidedly slim to none.

Speaking of "Groundhog Day," there's a handsome bearded member of the chorus who stood out for me. His name is Michael Fatica, and he's billed as playing "Chubby Man." As one of the villagers in Punxsutawney, PA, Fatica dances his way through nearly every number (which is a lot), and always with a big smile. There's also one number where he gets to ditch the curly wig and fat suit (he's not really chubby, after all) for an erotic dance during the "Philandering" number (he keeps the gorgeous beard, though). It's not much of a part, but somehow Fatica manages to show up front and center in a LOT of the show's publicity stills. It's almost as if I was working their PR department!

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I'm reading the new book by Augusten Burroughs, published just this week.

I enjoy reading Burroughs, who most people know from his early best-seller Running With Scissors. His first-person style is both funny and conversational, making his books (almost all of which I own) a light, easy read.

Burroughs' main subject is himself, but it's difficult to know just how much of what's recounted is based in fact and what's merely a case of Writer Hindsight. Every once in a while, Burroughs will relay a situation and offer up what was supposed to have been an ultra-pithy off-the-cuff retort. Burroughs is a funny Gay man, but no one is that quick with the perfect comeback time and time again. I mean, I'm fucking brilliant when it comes to bon mots — ten minutes after the fact, when the conversation has moved on or folks have left the room entirely. Here, Burroughs' imposition of his Authorship breaks the spell every so often, and that's a shame.

It doesn't stop me from enjoying his books, however. I'm a third of the way through Lust and Wonder, making sure I take the time not to rush through it. With himself as his primary subject, Burroughs doesn't have an inexhaustible amount of material to work with, so his books are infrequent. This is one that I think I'd recommend.

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Something to look forward to:

"Shirtless Bear Fighter" is a new limited-series coming from Image Comics in June. Looks like a hoot, and it's definitely piqued my interest. I just wonder if the pixelated nudity seen in various previews will also be the case for the final version. If so, perhaps they'll eventually release an "uncut" edition because Shirtless looks like he's packin' Big Time. Yowza!

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Surely, it's not another Caturday post?!? Yes, Shirley, it is.

If it seems I've been making a lot of posts lately (especially today), your senses aren't deceiving you. Ever since The Great User Agreement Debacle of 2017, LiveJournal has just about become the actual ghost town that so many have long regarded it as. The implementation of 15th century Russian values — especially on Gay bloggers — in the new user agreement appears to have been the straw that finally broke LJ's back.

The trouble is, no one seems to be taking up the slack. For all the talk of LJers importing their journals over to Dreamwidth, there's been a genuine paucity of writing here. What's more, no one at DW seems to comment directly to my entries; responses to my posts are almost entirely from within the LJ sphere (and blog comments from LJ users don't cross-post to DW). I'm not really complaining, just observing. And part of the problem may be that I still haven't found out how to stalk track down new "friends" in this forum. It may look like LJ on many levels, but it's not quite the same thing.

Even so, I'm making a concerted effort to get my presence here known. I may be one of only a few holding down the fort, but it's all worth it. Besides, I still enjoy writing too much.

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Ugh. I had a bad sugar crash this afternoon. Bad, as in one of the worst in a long while. It was totally my fault, of course. I took my regular insulin dose for lunch, and then got distracted and forgot to eat. I felt the usual warning symptoms of low glucose a couple of hours later, but I've been feeling wonky ever since last night (three hours of sleep) and so didn't really ascribe any significance to what I figured was just more nausea and lightheadedness. When I finally did realize what was going on, my glucose level measured out at 64. That's short of Hospital Time, but it's not exactly good. My vision was spotty and I could barely walk.

It's not possible to convey the experience of a sugar crash like this if you've never experienced it. It's one thing to have the idea of what your body is like when it has no energy/fuel in it; it's quite another thing to experience it. As I said, my vision can become severely compromised with spots where my eyes become incapable of processing visual information. It also can become severely difficult to control movement, exacerbated by the feeling that you can't move because you're so weak. And of course, glucose levels below 45-50 will probably result in a trip to the emergency room (if I have the wherewithal to call an ambulance and remember to unlock the door).

I've learned to keep some foods high in sugar in spots throughout the apartment, so I was able to get some food in me despite having waited too long to do so. The real downside to a sugar crash though is the aftermath, which leaves me feeling as if I'd just gone ten rounds with the ugliest boxer in the gym. Not that I have even the remotest idea what boxing is...

So my sugar levels are back to where I need them right now. But it will be an early bedtime for me tonight.

Now for Another Hot Guy — the last one today, I promise.