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I noticed right after Christmas that there was a noticeable uptick in the amount of porn spam — straight porn spam, of course — hitting my mailbox. What's unusual is that the onslaught has continued to this day, despite my diligent use of spam filters. The subject line is typically filled with the usual drivel obviously aimed at teenage boys. Yawn. But I sometimes get a kick from the name of the "sender." They're obviously all women's names, but some are not exactly the most alluring. I got one yesterday from "Mabel." I also remember "Mildred." I mean, these spammers just aren't put any effort into this!

An additional piece of art that I stumbled across during my internet haul the other day.

Which brings me to Another Hot Guy.

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Just got through watching the final episode of the daytime talk show "Hollywood Today Live."

I was surprisingly moved, and I didn't think I would be. It's a friggin' TV show, fer chrissake! But as the co-hosts — and all of the surprise guests who showed up today for one last goodbye — kept commenting on, this show had a genuine feel of family. The chemistry was palpable, something all too noticeable when one would be out on vacation and the substitute host didn't share in the mix. Even more, the laughter was both genuine and contagious. While I didn't watch every single day, I did try to catch at least the first 15 minutes with just the four co-hosts chatting amongst themselves. It was the best part. But as the show drew to a close for one last time today, I realized just how much I will miss these folks.

It's frustrating and annoying to see such a charming show come to an end. I suspect its downfall lay with the fact that was an independent production without network support, farmed to individual stations across various markets. I suppose it's a minor miracle that HTL was able to survive for two seasons, but it still sticks in my craw that the execrable "The Talk" on CBS gets to go on but HTL does not.


But, thankfully, there is Another Hot Guy.

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Good lord. An uncut guy on bear411 just paid me a compliment, and all I could think of was inventing a t-shirt that reads "Uncut Men Have Something Extra."

I'm on record (repeatedly) as expressing my total disinterest in muscular men. In my book, gym bunnies are either (a) far too self-absorbed to be spending so much time working out, or (b) far too interested in being ogled for spending so much time working out — which, come to think of it, is pretty much the same as (a). Of course, my disdain for muscle bears isn't total because what I see first in a man is their face. If I come across a handsome man who just happens to spend 3/4 of his life at 24-Hour Fitness, I might do a double take.

Like this guy, for instance.

To say that this man is waaaaay overdeveloped is putting things mildly. To say that this man is still insanely hot is probably stating the obvious. Consider me double taking for him.

And for Another Hot Guy.