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I honestly do not understand why the kid gloves haven't come off when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump and Republicans. I mean, I guess I kinda/sort get why the mainstream media continues to dance around Trump's "misinformed" statements when they're actually out-and-out lies. God only knows when NBC or ABC might have to kiss Trump's ass in order to get a primetime interview with him for the sake of ratings.

But it's really time to call out the Republicans for what they are: money grubbing scum who will sell their own mother's out to make another buck. If you take the wool off from over our eyes, it's easy to see that all of their actions — all of them — are motivated by greed. Eliminate EPA protections? No more costly safety measures! Roll back corporate taxes? More money for the fat cats! Take away health care and make pre-existing conditions uninsurable? Bigger paychecks for the insurance and related industries!

It's been said for a long time that this country is ruled more by greed than by common decency. I knew on Election Day that this new era was the epitome of that trend. From my post-election post: "To the 56 million people who put Trump into the White House: You deserve what's going to happen to this country." Sadly, we haven't even begun to see what these people will do to all that I thought we held dear.

Cue Another Hot Guy.