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I spent an insane amount of time this afternoon giving in to my penchant for looking at handsome men on the internet. I did at least wait to waste several hours until after I'd checked off most of the items from my daily to-do list. When all was said and done, I not only had an obscene amount of Hot Guy photos saved for use in future blogs, but I also came across a couple of surprises.

Logan Kowalsky is without a doubt my favorite erotic artist. He's had several comics published, but not a lot (I suspect it takes him longer than most to come up with product thanks to the amount of detail he puts in each frame). Several years ago, this French artist opted to sell off a lot of his original works and — because I had a full-time job at the time — I bought about a dozen of them. They're now framed and proudly hanging on my bedroom wall (I even received a couple of small bonus prints as a thank you). Logan simply excels at drawing hairy guys with oversized dicks — my two biggest turn-ons, so it's no wonder I love his work.

I lost track of Logan after his old web site went dark. I could only surmise that he'd either given up on his erotic art or that he was simply withdrawing from public view. Happily, I came across his new Tumbler account during this afternoon's browsing. What a treat! Not only has he continued with his magnificent work, but I discovered that he's also working on a new issue of Porky. I could wish that he'd craft a sequel to his Pornomicon one-shot, but I'm not complaining. More hot hairy men with oversized cocks in store! I'm drooling at the thought...

I also stumbled across another gay erotic artist on Tumbler, known only to me as nesskainnsfw. His style doesn't resemble Logan's in the least, but I still like it. In fact, I used three of his bear drawings to come up with a new desktop image for my iMac (after making some "enhancements" in Photoshop, of course). I'll have to do a bit more searching to see if I can come up with more information on him.

Now for Another Hot Guy from today's treasure trove.

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Companies always seem to be coming up with new ways to push their products. Sometimes they're clever, and sometimes not.

Today is LV-426 Day. That, of course, is the planetoid first seen in Alien, and 20th Century Fox must have thought it was cute to make something out of 4/26, today's date. The studio has released this rather strange teaser for the upcoming Alien: Covenant film.

I say "strange" because the short contains footage that certainly seems as if it should properly be in the film. I mean, people are going to wonder how David was reconstructed and what happened to the only human survivor from Prometheus. Not everyone who goes to see the new sequel will have seen this teaser, after all.

Now it's time for Another Hot Guy.