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Well, fuck. I just read that "Hollywood Today Live" with Ross Matthews has been canceled at the end of this week. Why did no-one consult me on this? I plan my afternoons by starting with HTL, and I've come to depend on the upbeat silliness of Mr. Matthews to get me through the p.m. hours. Now what the fuck will I do? Judge Judy just doesn't do it for me anymore...

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" opened on Broadway last night. While it was the second-most enjoyable show of all the ones I saw on during my trip, I don't really see it becoming a Broadway institution. I initially complained about the serious lack of production design during the second act at Wonka's factory, and that seems to be what nearly everyone else complains of as well. A serious misstep in what is otherwise a charming show. It's another cast album I'm looking forward to in June. And when Veruca Salt's Russian father (on the far left in the picture above) first came onstage, I could have sworn he was being played by Billy Eichner!

I came across this image of Another Hot Guy on the internet while I was listening to "Eat to the Beat"! The Universe doesn't always grace me with any signs, but this one was pretty obvious (even to me).

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Goodness, but Debbie Harry looks stunning in this new video. I'm thinking she has a self-portrait hidden in her attic that does the aging instead of her.

"Long Time" is my current favorite of the three songs I've heard from the upcoming new album, "Pollinator." Its not so much that the other songs are flat-out bad, just... meh. I'm hoping that the album itself works as a whole and proves to be popular. I'd love for Blondie to enjoy yet another comeback.

And now, Another Hot Guy.