notmypresident: (Edna Trying to Iron)
I came across an old gif image on my hard drive that I'd always loved:

I thought I'd try once again to forge it into a user icon. But after several hours of tweaking, I still couldn't reduce the animated gif down to the 60k icon file limit here at Dreamwidth. And that's even considering DW is a bit more generous than the previous LJ 40k icon file limit!

I eventually had to shrink the icon from my standard 100x100 pixel size to 70x70 pixels. Even then, I had to delete more than half of the frames. Goodbye, all those wonderful colored Batman uniforms (which, believe it or not, Batman actually used at different points early in his career). Still, it's a fun gif, and so I put my OCD on hold to allow one — one! — user icon that's smaller than the rest.

And since it wouldn't be another post without Another Hot Guy, here he is.