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I managed to clock about six hours of sleep last night once I was finally able to drift off. Six hours will see me through the day, though it will be a sluggish one. I really do need at least eight hours of dream time, and that's separate and apart from being hooked up to the dialysis machine each night.

Unfortunately, I gave up coffee drinking a couple of months back and so there will be no relief for me there. I still love the taste of the coffee I'd grown accustomed to over the years (cinnamon with a shot of sugar-free chocolate Torani in it), but I came to realize that I hated the effect that the caffeine was having on me. Everyone says they get a buzz from caffeine, but I had to finally face up to the fact that the stimulant was only making me feel dizzy and light-headed. That was unpleasant in the extreme, and so coffee/caffeine had to go. I've taken solace in my Diet Coke, to which I add a few shots of sugar-free cherry syrup. It has such a small amount of caffeine in it that I don't seem to be affected. And yes, I've seen the headlines about how "bad" diet soda can be. Fuck that. I need to have at least one vice in my life.

Now it's time for Another Hot Guy:

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I'm about to rant. You've been warned.

Today is Record Store Day. Now, maybe it's just the lack of sleep/caffeine, but RSD has become one big fucking burr under my vinyl-loving saddle. It was conceived ten years ago to generate interest in the (then) nearly-nonexistent world of vinyl. Record companies were tapped to release exclusive RSD items, which would then drive customers into stores. It all sounds very reasonable. Unfortunately, it's become something quite the opposite.

RSD should really be renamed as E-Bay Bonanza Day, because that site is practically the only place you can find the new releases. Should you choose to actually visit a record store, scalpers clog the lines before the store opens and then snatch up all available titles. And that's even when the store itself puts the discs out. Many have learned that they can simply resell RSD discs on eBay themselves for an obscene profit. Case in point: Elton John released a two-disc vinyl edition exclusively to RSD retailers of his early live concert "11-17-70" with extra tracks . The current average price for the RSD album on eBay? $90.00. $90.00 fucking dollars.

Welcome to America in the 21st century.

End of rant. Start of Another Hot Guy.

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I'm a member of Amazon Prime and have been for years. Amazon is always trying to tout how many perks Prime members get, but I'm still in it because of the two-day (and sometimes same-day!) deliveries. I'd never pay the annual fee just for some of the other Prime offerings, which are fairly weak. The Prime Instant Video section is especially laughable. The major studios can apparently make far more money with other services like Netflix, so the selection at Amazon is incredibly weak. So many of the titles are either filler from unheard of companies or programs that can easily be accessed elsewhere. Thankfully, Amazon began making its own Prime content a couple of years ago, and there are some shows that I now look forward to watching ("The Man in the High Castle," for one).

Amazon Prime will also sometimes offer shows produced elsewhere, such as "Fortitude." The show is a (vaguely) science fiction production from Britain with actors from... well, everywhere (the mishmash of accents is quite odd: British, Icelandic, American, and more). I watched the first season last year, and wasn't all that taken with it despite the incredible cast. Set in a remote Arctic village, that first story arc was about the devastating effects of ancient plague released by the discovery of a mammoth carcass. Murder and mayhem definitely ensued, but it was all rather dry and perfunctory.

The current season is much more effective. A supernatural element has been introduced, and the show has wisely kept elements of the first season in play. There are time when it feels as if the show is trying to emulate "The X Files," but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I must admit though that my primary enjoyment comes from watching Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as the town's sheriff.

Haraldsson's role here is much meatier this time out, and I'm not complaining. I have two episodes in the season left to watch, and I've been crossing my fingers that they don't kill him off (as they already have with one of the major characters). It'd be great to see more of him in Season 3 if it gets produced.

Time now for Another Hot Guy.