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"Hello, Dolly" officially opened on Broadway last night with (of course) The Divine Miss M conquering all of New York.

The show's publicist shrewdly arranged to have the mayor of NYC declare today as Hello, Dolly Day, and Times Square was apparently plastered from top to bottom with posters for the show.

It's not as if the show needed the extra publicity. Tickets for the show have been in hot demand since they first went on sale — something I know from my own experience of being temporarily locked out of the online ordering process way back in September! As I've mentioned, the show can certainly live up to the hype. Reviews today are praising not only Midler's showstopping performance but also that of the excellent supporting cast. They also just announced the obligatory cast album, something I'll pick up the day it's released.

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Well, crap.

My big expensive 4K television died this afternoon. And since the warranty is only good for one year from when I bought it in January of 2016, I'm shit out of luck when it comes to repairs.

I went online to try to see if there was an easy solution, and you can imagine my surprise when I came across dozens of YouTube videos offering quick fixes. That loud cackling you heard was my response to those videos, each of which required not only special tools (a soldering gun, really???) but also electrical knowledge ("The replacement part has to have the same ampere as the original!!!"). Well, fuck that.

The tough part is that this comes much too soon after my NYC trip. My credit card is practically maxed out right now, and I was planning on spending the next couple of months paying it down. I do have my previous TV still in my bedroom, and I may end up moving it to the living room until I can afford a 4K set.

And yes , I know I won't get any sympathy points for this current batch of bad luck. There are worse things than having to go without 4K playback, after all. But I do live for my audio/video setup, and it just won't be the same without the UHD imagery. Sigh.

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