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Up at (practically) the crack of dawn to take delivery of my dialysis goods. The economic savings via a once-monthly shipment must save the company big bucks, but it means that I have to store almost 40 boxes in my living space. The delivery guys from the freight company rotate every month, with only one of them really worth a second look. My house is usually one of the first ones on the driver's route, though I hate it when the precorded phone message alerting me to the two-hour delivery time tells me it's between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.

I'm only grousing because my insomnia has returned in a big way. Though I was in bed last night by 10:00 p.m., I didn't fall asleep until after 2:30 a.m. So, four hours of sleep before having to get up this morning. And this has been the trend ever since returning from NYC. Without question, the sleeplessness is a symptom of my deepened depression. Who knew that I was doing so well in the weeks before the trip back east???

And now, Another Hot Guy.

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Despite feeling a bit zombie-ish thanks to a lack of sleep, I went ahead and got a bunch of chores done this afternoon. Nothing really earth-shattering, but it seems that not being able to form a cohesive thought helps make household chores easier to accomplish.

To underscore that "nothing really earth-shattering" point, I spent some time importing a lot of user icons previously made for my LiveJournal account because the import process didn't bring them over. Even though I went ahead and purchased a Paid Account here, DW is somewhat stingy with icon amounts (just 100). I'd have to bump up to a Premium Account to get the same number of allowable icons here that I did on LJ, but I think I can live within the current limits (i.e., it's not worth an extra $15 just to have another 150 icons).

Enough with the boring stuff. Now here's Another Hot Guy.