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I caught a rerun of "Criminal Minds" yesterday on Ion, a station that specializes in day-long binges of reruns for select shows. By now, I've probably seen all of the CM shows that Ion has to air, but this first-season episode caught my eye because the show's killer was revealed to be... [spoiler alert] a court stenographer! I've never contemplated killing anyone, but I was in fact a court reporter until my disability made it impossible for me to continue. So I had at least a 50% vested interest in this episode.

Hollywood usually gives court reporters the short end of the stick when it comes to realistically depicting stenographers. There's a line in an old episode of "Two Broke Girls" where Max enters the deposition room and gleefully points to the steno machine and says "Look! It's the tiny typewriter for the lady who never gets to speak!" Extras hired to play reporters almost always treat the keyboard just like a typewriter, and their finger movements are a dead giveaway that they don't know what the hell they're doing. But this episode of "Criminal Minds" actually got most of the details right, which impressed the hell out of me. Well, done. Kudos too for getting rid of Mandy Patinkin after the first season...

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