notmypresident: (Stevie Wonder)
The big downside to digital downloads of hi-res music is that you need to have both storage space and access to it via your player. And trust me, these files are B-I-G. They're encoded without losing any of the music data, unlike mp3s (which is why flac files sound so much better).

Well, Amazon delivered the Backup Plus Slim 5TB drive to me today. And after discovering that I had to install a driver on my iMac (unless I wanted to go through the painful process of reformatting), everything fell neatly into place. I happen to have a large number of flac files already from a site that provides them of 12-inch dance singles that he posts. I also splurged and bought Stevie Wonder's "Music Aquarium, Vol. 1" as a sort of best of collection (I already have everything of his on CD except for this set), and I couldn't be happier. The sound is rich and full, though limited of course by some of the early sonics from the 70s and 80s. I consider Mr. Wonder to be genius (as everyone should), and listening to his music is always a magical treat.

The good news is that 5TB is a huge amount of storage space, so I have lots more to look forward to.

Now here's Another Hot Guy who's particularly hot.