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Yay!  Dreamwidth was finally able to import the entries from my LJ account.  And as a bonus, all the links to the Favorite Bear of the Moment/Another Hot Guy images came through intact.  That means that they'll survive until my LJ account membership runs out.  

I'm always surprised to see that so many images take up so little storage space.  I use Photoshop to make sure each image is under 150k, so I'm still well under my storage limit even after thousands of uploads.  Now I just have to see about becoming a paid Dreamwidth member.  Of course, with my luck Dreamwidth will probably go under just a few weeks after paying up  Ah, well. 

Here's Another Hot Guy.

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I rarely — rarely — agree with Republicans, but I find myself nodding in agreement with them over California's recent enactment of new gas taxes and registration fees. California did little to nothing to repair roads during the recent five-year drought, ostensibly because the dry conditions left roads and highways practically untouched. But the recent spate of unprecedented rainfall quickly revealed what happens to untended roads. Everywhere you go in the state these days one is met with pothole after pothole. Just what California did these past few years with the money that should have been used for infrastructure maintenance is something the legislature isn't talking about.

Instead, they've opted to raise the gasoline surcharge by 12¢ per gallon and the registration fee by an average of $100 a year. These assessments in a state that is is currently in the black by over $36 billion is what has Republicans (and me) angry. It seems that no amount is ever enough. Yes, some increase in the gas tax was necessary (this will be the first in 23 years). But slapping on a 43% increase? That's not only insane, it reeks of being a money grab.

So count me in with the Republicans in Sacramento. This one time, folks. Grrrr.

And now, Another Hot Guy.