notmypresident: (Curious Beardo)
My first post directly from my Dreamwidth account. I'm still fumbling about, trying to find things. It took me forever to discover the image hosting link, for instance. But I'm managing. The import queue is still backlogged, but I haven't received an error message yet and that supposedly means that everything is fine. The site did manage to successfully import a bunch of minor things from my LJ account, so I'm not going to worry about the actual entries.

I had to take Uber to/from my dialysis clinic this morning. I don't usually pay attention to drivers, but the guy who picked me up from the house was H-O-T hot. I mean, really hot. He looked to be a mix of Spanish/Middle East backgrounds with face stubble that was very nearly a full beard even though for him it was probably only the result of one or two days of growth. What I fixated on though was his forearm hair: not only thick and silky black, but dense enough to stand about a quarter inch above his skin. Talk about forest cover! Yowza. Unfortunately, he was the strong, silent — and straight — type who barely said a word. Too bad I can't request specific drivers for future trips...

And now, Another Hot Guy.