notmypresident: (Gay Putin)
Well, the LJ shitstorm really hit the fan today when several online web sites ran with the story about the new Russian user agreement here at LiveJournal. The reports make me feel positively anti-Gay for still being an LJ user, so I guess this is it. I'm currently transferring all of my LJ entries over to Dreamwidth (which is taking forevah because I'm apparently one of many who are abandoning the LiveJournal ship). I'll be making posts from there as soon as the transfer is complete.

I don't want my LJ presence to disappear entirely, however. I know my tiny little journal probably doesn't register on any Russian radar, but I want my dissidence to somehow continue on. I think DW allows for cross-posting, however, so I'm hoping that my rainbow's middle finger will continue to irritate Russian censors until they cut off all contact with the outside world (which, like China, the Russians will ultimately have to do in order to solidify their pre-historic attitudes).

Of course, my timing sucks (as usual): my annual membership LJ fee was charged just a few weeks ago. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.

Now for Another Hot Guy one last time.