notmypresident: (Gay Putin)
Hmm. I've seen several posts that express concern over the new user agreement here at LJ. It seems as if people are concerned about Russian censorship and/or hacking. My response?

I've switched my default user pic. Other than that, I'm not changing a fucking thing about my blog. If the fascist Russian government wants to block my blog, I'll take my annual membership money elsewhere.

Now I'm off to watch some Gay porn where a Putin lookalike gets repeatedly fucked in the ass by a group of freakishly huge Gay men. Or is it a Putin lookalike???

But for now, here's Another Hot Guy.

notmypresident: (Gay Putin)
Well, if the Russians are going to block my blog, I might as well make one last post about yours truly's state of mind.

I haven't been doing well since NYC. The theater experience was pure heaven, but just about every other aspect of the trip was a slap in the face... and a punch in the gut. I seem to be in denial about my handicap. I exercised and dieted for two months prior to flying off to NYC, thinking that I would be warmed up and ready to go. Well, the Big Apple had news for me. I had advance tickets for a number of things, but chose not to follow through on them. So, no trip to the top of the new World Trade Center. And no trip to be an audience member for The Chew, despite having priority tickets.

But it wasn't just my inability to walk any distance. Having actually gained weight during my diet/exercise phase, I felt too unattractive to venture in front of the cameras at ABC. I also canceled/begged off of a number of hook-ups because I knew I wouldn't be able stand any sort of last-minute rejection at the door.

And since my return, I've wallowed in a state of self-pity. I know better than this, but it's hard to give a damn. Especially with nothing on the horizon.

I'm going to have to hope that inspiration hits me soon. Let's hope it happens before the Russians shut down my LJ blog.

Until then, here's Another Hot Guy.