notmypresident: (Scream and Scream Again)
I'm getting excited for the upcoming release of Alien: Covenant on May 19. That's still over a month away, but for me to feel enthusiastic about any movie's impending release these days is rather a big deal. Off the top of my head, the only other shortly upcoming movie that I have even a smidgeon of interest in is Wonder Woman.


In order to refresh my recollection of the story that's continued in Alien: Covenant, I watched the 3D version of Prometheus last night. This is another film that was thoroughly trashed by fanboys, but that was one bandwagon I never jumped on. Yes, it's a flawed film. Director Ridley Scott thoroughly shot himself in the foot by making some post-production editing misfires. The supplemental materials include several scenes that should have remained in the feature, including a better, fully realized final encounter between The Engineer and Elizabeth Shaw. The same could also be said for the prologue with The Engineers' visit to proto-Earth.

But in no way, shape or form is Prometheus the piece of dreck it's been portrayed as. For one thing, it's an absolute example of gorgeous cinematography. What's more, it looks even better in 3D. The shots of the "Prometheus" traveling through space give a real depth to the ship, underscoring it's relative size in the scheme of things. Scott wisely avoided any "in your face" 3D tricks, relying instead on using physical space to make the world seem that much more real (the map display in The Engineers' control room is a prime example).

It's been a while since I watched Prometheus, and I was surprised that it actually upped my excitement level for Alien: Covenant. I'm hoping that Scott was confident enough over the second entry in the prequel series to avoid making some of the second-guessing mistakes that took place in Prometheus. We'll see.

And now, Another Hot Guy.