notmypresident: (I Heart New York)
"My last day in New York City."

That was the first thought I had this morning when I woke up. It just seems kind of incredible, that time here has passed so quickly. But I suppose it's for the best. As I've learned, NYC is no place for the handicapped. I have fallen so many times already (but not today!) that my knees are a bloody mess. Literally. I actually had to make a trip to the local drug store for bandages and antiseptic gel. It will take weeks for my knees to heal, but at least the scars will remind me of this trip.

Dolly did not disappoint last night. The Divine Miss M was her stunning self, lighting up the stage with her mugging and personality. I did think that her voice was a bit raspy and was glad I got to see her early in the show's run. The supporting cast was especially good as well, though David Hyde Pierce needs to work on the consistency of his New York accent. This was a pure Broadway show from the old days, but Midler made it seem fresh. Even if every other show I'd seen had been crap, tonight's performance made the whole trip worthwhile.

One more show left, "War Paint," with another legend, Patti Lupone. Then it's back to the hotel to pack for an early trip to the airport tomorrow.

But first, Another Hot Guy.