notmypresident: (I Heart New York)
One thing that I'd forgotten about NYC is how there is absolutely zero eye contact with locals. I get that it's a defense mechanism to not look someone in the eye lest they turn out to be a homocidal maniac. But it's hard to remember that there's nothing personal about folks not recognizing that you too are part of this bustling scene.

It was another rainy day here, but I not complaining. At least the daytime temps are fairly mild. There are only the occasional piles of grey snow to remind me that things were much worse just a couple of weeks ago, and I'll take rain over snow any day of the week.

Last night I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with the great Christian Borle as Willy Wonka. I was pleasantly surprised at how charming the musical was. It's been appropriately "Americanized" from its London run, though the second act suffered from a design decision to use minimal sets for Wonka's candy factory. But the Oompa-Loomas were marvelously realized, and every one of their songs was pure fun. I'm guessing that the show will enjoy a lengthy run, even tough it's unlikely to win any awards.

Tonight, of course, is The Divine Miss M in "Hello, Dolly." Seeing this show was the primary goal of this trip, and I'm really expecting nothing less than two hours of sheer heaven.

And now, Another Hot Guy.