notmypresident: (I Heart New York)
Two days into my NYC visit and I'm already happy/sad. It's been so great seeing live shows on Broadway once again. For that, I'm happy/grateful. But it's been terribly difficult on me physically. I've trouble enough getting around when I'm in familiar territory; here in NYC, I seem to be weak as a kitten. Everyone here moves in hyper speed without any regard whatsoever for anyone but themselves. If I'm not constantly on edge from the jagged sidewalks, then I'm always having to be on the alert for someone cutting me off or throwing me off balance.

I'd been trying to decide which was worse, the uncaring natives or the brain dead tourists. I was thinking that the prize belonged to the latter, whose cow-like mentality often sees them suddenly stopping dead in their tracks in the middle of a sidewalk (or a doorway or an elevator).

But this afternoon I came across a group that combines the very worst of the other two: theater matinee crowds. I've always avoided matinees because it seems that actors have to conserve their energy when they've got two performances in one day. But now I'm going to avoid them because of the idiots surrounding me at the matinee for "Present Laughter." You really had to hear how one gaggle of birdies spent their time before the curtain went up badmouthing just about everyone, only to follow up with even more bad behavior on their part. The woman next to me fairly hissed at a late arrival to our row and then herself was late to return after intermission.

I did enjoy "Present Laughter', but it just didn't seem worth the high ticket prices. Kevin Kline can do this style of acting in his sleep (I kept thinking of his performance in Soapdish), but he just can't make a lightweight comedy worth such a hefty admission price. Last night's "Groundhog Day" gave a bit more bang for the buck, but was waaaay too long. It could use some trimming and cutting, but that probably won't happen because the show already had a London run.

I was going to see "Significant Other" tonight, but I think I'll skip it. I've chatted with several people, and the consensus is that (a) it's not very good, and (b) it will close in just a few weeks. But I specifically saved the best show for the next three nights, and I have no doubt they won't disappoint.

And now, Another Hot Guy.