notmypresident: (I Heart New York)
It's down to the wire when it comes to getting everything done before my flight tonight. But hey, I must be doing something right if I've got time to make a blog entry!

I've actually accomplished nearly everything on my To Do list. I was able to scrounge up enough medical supplies from my current stash to make the arrival/non-arrival of today's UPS shipment moot. That's a relief. All my meds and peripherals are also stashed in Zip-lock baggies, and I was actually able to fit all of the clothes I want to take in my medium-sized luggage case.

I was going to try and take part in an anti-Trump demonstration while visiting NYC. Believe it or not, the protests are still going strong there. I reached out to several groups in the area regarding my rights and what should happen if confronted by the police, but I didn't hear back. And since I've never had any training in this area, I think I'll have to play it safe and skip the protests. One thing I did do, however, was to turn off the fingerprint ID access for both my iPhone and iPad. From what I've read, you can be ordered to unlock a device via a fingerprint scan, but you can't be forced to provide a password. We'll see.

Not sure how much I'll be posting during my stay, but I've been a good little blogger and uploaded some additional pictures for use just in case.

And speaking of which, how about Another Hot Guy before I get underway?