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I set the alarm to wake me up at a decent time this morning to start prepping for tomorrow's big trip to NYC. No sleeping in today!

But my good intentions have (so far) been squandered. I just can't seem to get my ass in gear. It's a good thing that I'd already taken care of many of the pre-trip details over the past couple of weeks. Today is all about getting my clothes washed and then deciding what/how much to take. I normally try to take the least amount of items, but seeing as how I'll be checking a bag this time out I think I can splurge a little. Nothing like have enough clean socks and underwear for every day I'm in the Big Apple!

My only real concern will be the medical supplies that I have to have. I spoke with the company handling that, and (of course) there were some hiccups. I'd ordered a few necessary "ancillary" items and should have received them by now, but the warehouse is backordered on them. I only discovered this when my OCD led me to call just to make sure everything was fine. When they told me that I was "supposed" to get them by Monday, I went ballistic. This is a medical supply company dealing with important life-saving items — or life-threatening if forced to go without. Of course, snafus happen, but I was livid over the fact that such a company fails to reach out to its clients when they know there's going to be a delay. I spoke with several "supervisors" who all agreed with me and told me that there are "plans" to remedy the situation. Yeah, right.

There's a silver lining in this scenario, and that's the dialysis clinic I go to. Although they're technically separate companies, a call to my primary nurse (Phyllis) let me know that I can always stop by the clinic tomorrow before flying out to pick up on any ancillary supplies should the scheduled shipment not arrive. Phew!

I hate last-minute drama. Which should be the kick in the pants I need to get my last-minute chores started today.

But not before posting Another Hot Guy.

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With all of the internet surfing that I do, it's no surprise that I often stumble across images of folks I've long since disassociated myself from. There was a period of time when I was actively seeking to ingratiate myself within the San Francisco bear community — a term I use facetiously here, as I found most of the men there (and at that time) were much more interested in their own social stature than in any kind of community. I blame myself for being a part of the problem. I tried — really hard to fit in, but I'm sure I came across as overbearing. On the whole though, I found myself not wanting to be around the majority of these folks. I'm sure the feeling was mutual.

But whenever I do come upon the picture of someone from that crowd, I find myself who they could possibly be friends with more than 10 years later. It's often easy to discover the answer to this question in this Information Age, which leads me questioning what kind of person Bear "B" could be if he's friends with Bear "A." I mean, I know it's not fair to judge someone based on the company that they keep, but that comparison isn't totally unreasonable. Birds of a feather, after all...

I'd be a better person if I could overlook past slights. But I wasn't lucky enough to develop that particular social skill. Perhaps in an alternate reality?

Time to get back to my chores. But first, Another Hot Guy.