notmypresident: (Elton)
I don't typically mark the occasion of birthdays, but I would be remiss if I didn't point out that Reginald Kenneth Dwight – aka Elton John — turns 70 today.


The fact that Sir Elton is now a septuagenerian is a mind-boggling statistic for me. I've been listening to this man's music for over 44 years! The first single of his that I bought — a 45rpm vinyl (very Old School) — was for "Daniel," back in 1973. Actually, that's not quite true: I got it in a trade from a friend for some other 45 that I can't even remember right now. But it did the trick. I went out and bought Elton's double LP "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road" and was hooked for life. It was just a case of good timing that GYBR turned out to be a genuine masterpiece and my first real exposure to Elton's music.

The image above is from Elton's free Central Park concert in 1980. If you squint really hard, you can see me about halfway back in the crowd — and I was there three hours ahead of the start time. I didn't care. I screamed along with almost half a million others as Elton rock n rolled through his music catalog. The memories of that experience are still fresh three decades later.

Every generation has an icon. For my parents, it was Elvis. For me, it's Elton. For the current generation? I don't know. Beyonce? People and music styles come and go so quickly these days that it doesn't seem possible for a single artist to achieve the stature of someone like Elvis or Elton. That's a shame.

And now, Another Hot Guy.