notmypresident: (Bananas!)
Well, damn. I got an email last night that Virgin America has been purchased by Alaska Air.


Virgin is absolutely my hands-down favorite airline, and the one I always fly when — as I am in just three days — traveling to NYC. I would actually fly Virgin everywhere, but the company just never seemed to overcome the competition and airport clearances that would have allowed them to offer more destinations.

The only solace here is that Alaska is my second-favorite airline, but that's always been with a big grain of salt. The company used to place Bible quotations on serving trays, a practice I loathed. They no longer continue the practice, but I'm guessing they would were it not for the backlash they would undoubtedly receive. I've never forgotten the bad taste it left for me, however. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of options for flying to Portland to visit my dad. All the other airlines require flying first to Seattle and then backtracking to Portland. Even Alaska itself has cut down on the number of direct flights to PDX. Ugh.

I'm curious to know if Alaska will be taking over Virgin's cross-country business to expand beyond the West Coast. That seems to be a logical reason for the buyout, but in this day and age, "sense" isn't always part of a business transaction. Here's hoping the new Alaska picks up some of the best aspects of Virgin's business model.

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