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Ugh. I hit a big, big roadblock yesterday during my visit to the dialysis clinic. Somehow, the scales showed that I'd gained back every bit of the 10 pounds I thought I'd lost. Plus an extra pound, to add insult to injury. Two fucking months of dieting and exercising, and I weighed more yesterday than I did when I started.

I mean, what the fuck? I could understand a few pounds here and there, but not an 11-pound difference. I was incredibly bummed as I sat through my session with the support staff and my nephrologist, who told me not to view this as a set back. Which, of course, I did. By the time I got home I was very much in a "fuck it all" mood. With very little to lose (and apparently after having actually gained some), I fired up the oven and treated myself to some Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls. And yes, by the end of the day I'd eaten every last one.

Thankfully, this bout of insanity was only temporary. I still kept a close watch on my glucose levels and compensated with some extra insulin. And as I put the serving dish into the sink, I knew that I'd gotten the need to splurge out of my system. I'm still disappointed as hell about the gain. I had wanted to be a bit trimmer for NYC, and I'm now thinking about keeping my exposure while there to a minimum. We'll see.

I could use Another Hot Guy to cheer me up right about now...

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I've always thought that Jay Bush was hot, even though he was clean-shaven in all the commercials for Bush's Baked Beans.

He ain't clean shaven no more!

And I don't think that's a prosthetic beard... Too bad it's likely that this is a one-shot.

And for another post, Another Hot Guy.