notmypresident: (Gasp! 2)
I can remember only one aspect of a dream I had tonight, and that is suddenly tripping over something. Tripping and falling are things I've become terrified of during my waking hours. Well, I guess my brain thought I actually was stumbling because my arms shot out in my dream to prevent the fall. And somehow, my arms shot out in real life, jerking me awake.

That was three hours ago. I haven't been able to get back to sleep since. Sigh.

This isn't the first time my body has reacted to something in a dream. When it does, I always start to wonder if this is how people end up sleepwalking. The manifestation of my body reacting to something that's happening in a dream would seem to be the culprit, but I've never actually spoken to a sleepwalker. I like to joke that I'm too lazy to actually sleepwalk. Now, sleepeating would be another story altogether.

I need Another Hot Guy to lull me back to sleep.