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I know that, to make the most of the upcoming trip to New York, I shouldn't be playing favorites among the Broadway shows I'll be seeing. But I can't help it. A few of the shows are brand new and complete unknowns to me. "Groundhog Day: The Musical," is a show that I know little about, but it got rave reviews last year in London and won the U.K. Critics' Circle Theatre Award for Best Musical. Plus, I got to see lead actor Andy Karl in "On The 20th Century" during my last NYC Broadway excursion, and he's a treat.

I signed on for "Present Laughter" strictly because of Kevin Kline. I even broke my rule about never going to matinees because of him, but I can't say that I'm exactly excited about seeing the 50+ year old comedy. Nor is "Significant Other" on Wednesday night tripping any alarms for me. In fact, I'm not even sure this show will still be open by the time I'm supposed to sit in the front mezzanine (ticket sales haven't exactly been stellar).

It isn't until "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" — two weeks from tonight — that I actually start to salivate. The show has been reworked from its London version with a mind toward American audiences, which is probably a good thing. I love the composer and lyricist, and the supporting cast is pretty wonderful. This one is all about Christian Borle, though. I wish I could have seen him in "Falsettos," but I have no doubt he will pick up the Tony for his portrayal of Willy Wonka. He's just that good.

Without question, "Hello, Dolly" is the show I'm most looking forward to. It's actually the main motivation for going to New York, and I can't believe I was lucky to secure such good tickets. Two weeks from tomorrow, Bette!

And then there's "War Paint" on my last night in the Big Apple. I would watch Patti and Christine sit and read from a telephone directory for two hours, but to have them in a new musical by the same team that wrote "Grey Gardens" is a real treat. I haven't heard any of the music from the show, but that matters not. It just looks wonderful.

I'm going to try very hard not to be stuck in my hotel room during this trip. I have tickets to go to the top of the new World Trade Center observatory (which I've never been to), and I plan on revisiting a few of my favorite stores from when I used to live in NYC. I'm slowly overcoming the notion that my limited mobility is a hindrance. I mean, isn't that why god invented Uber?

And while there, I'm sure to run into Another Hot Guy or two...



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