notmypresident: (Red Scream)
San Leandro isn't a crime-free city by any stretch of the imagination. Still, the crimes that the unincorporated town typically deals with are simple cases of robberies or drug busts or car thefts. That's even less true of the street I'm on. Not so yesterday.

I saw on the news today that someone was murdered on Monday just three or four houses away from where I live. I knew that there had been a strong police presence here yesterday, and I'd even stepped out to ask one of the officers what was going on since they had blocked off the entire street. In typical police fashion, he refused to answer any questions or to even let me know if there was anything I should be made aware of. And, I dunno — someone being viscously (according to tonight's news) murdered several doors down seems like the kind of information I should have. Fuck the police!

Local news outlets are reporting that the killing came after a heated argument, which was reported to 911. The 911 call is what led officers to the house where the body was discovered. Being that this seems to have been a personal matter, I'm not at all worried that a killing spree is imminent. But it does make me think...

And now, Another Hot Guy.