notmypresident: (Daft Punk)
I'm always talking about how important music is to me. Not a day goes by without music, either at my desktop or on the main system. And not just as background noise. Whether Im cleaning the house or composing a blog entry, I'm listening. I think most folks treat music as a background element in their lives. Not me.

I don't do it often enough, but every once in a while I'll go back and rediscover an album that, for some reason, has slipped off my play list. What a thrill and joy to once again think "Wow, this is a fucking fantastic piece!"


This weekend I've had Daft Punk's "Random Access Memory" on continuous repeat. I was never a fan of the group previously, so I was blown away the first time I heard the album. It continues to blow me away. Sure, there are one or two clinker tracks ("Fragments of Time" sounds like a Toto outtake, though even it would have sounded better had Bonnie Raitt performed the vocals). The missteps are easy to overlook, however. The project is a loving tribute to dance music, but it throws in plenty of other musical nods along the way. Hell, I even like "Touch" (and that's saying something because I can't stand Paul Williams' singing voice).

If you haven't heard "Random Access Memory," give it a spin. And if you have, give it another spin.


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