notmypresident: (Bob's Burgers)
I went in for lab work at the dialysis clinic and started to talk with Phyllis about my renewed commitment to treadmill exercising. Quite by chance, the physical therapist (who I normally only see once a month during my regular nephrologist visit) was there and she overheard me talking and decided to stop in. I began to pepper her with questions about the best way to exercise, and she confirmed some things I had learned and dispelled some of the other concerns I'd been harboring.

So from here on out, there will be some form of treadmill activity every single day. Ugh. She endorsed the interval style that I'd recently discovered, so I will have a Super Push Day made up of 3-minute super push intervals followed by a 1-minute cool down interval. I can only do that for 15 minutes at present, but she said I will eventually be able to extend that. On non-push days I'm to do some form of light treadmill work.

The physical therapist seemed surprised when I told her I derived no physical pleasure or accomplishment from my exercising. I never have, which makes it that much more difficult to exercise. Some people get endorphin rushes that make it easier for them to get back into the groove; I wasn't blessed with the endorphin gene. I have to focus on the end goal for motivation instead of some physical stimulation. For now, that end goal is New York City. But I think I can manage to come up with a new goal once the Big Apple trip is over.

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