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I've mentioned before how the "gimme gimme gimme" approach by many organizations in raising funds to "fight" Donald Trump And The Republicans — sounds like a comic book title, doesn't it? — has left a bad taste in my mouth. Jill Stein made millions for herself and the Green Party by appealing to people who wanted a recount in the national election when it was all but certain that the efforts would go nowhere. I knew something was up when her donation mission statement was more nebulous than the Milky Way about the application of donations, so I didn't contribute.

I would donate more money if I could, but the fact is that I'm on a rather strict budget. [Full disclosure: It's taken me about five months to get ready for NYC, and most of that is on credit cards that will be paid down over the coming months.] But every once in a while I'm able to do my (admittedly) small part. Like yesterday, for instance, when I saw this video:

Oh, I just had to jump on that bandwagon. I tracked down this asshole's mailing address and jumped over to the Planned Parenthood web site for a minimum donation in the Pastor's name. Not sure if PP will send out a notice to him for a minimum donation, but at least I tried. I also did the same for Paul Ryan, another major spineless asshole. I'm pretty sure that Ryan has a staff that censors any mail he might find upsetting, so he'll probably never know. But I know!

Now how about Another Hot Guy?

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Today saw the publication of the final issue of Midnighter and Apollo, one mini-series I was very sorry to see end. In case you didn't know, the characters are among the few in modern comics who are not only openly Gay but who are also in a loving relationship.


The six-issue arc was a nice modern telling of a classic story in Greek mythology, referenced by one of the characters in this final issue. Writer Steve Orlando deserves a huge amount of praise for penning a love story that is universal — the two leads could be practically anyone with a lover, but in this case they happen to be two men. It always was a bold move to make Midnighter unabashedly Gay — the character has a dark and bloody streak to him — but that's just one more reason why this series was so special. There are are few bawdy quips ("Please — you think I don't recognize the back of your head?") and plenty of action, but in the end it's all about the love these two men share for one another. I initially read the issue for free, but liked what I'd seen so much that I went over to Comixology and bought the damned thing! You should too...

And here's Another Hot Guy.