notmypresident: (Shocked Marilyn)
Well, last night's Oscars telecast certainly was... interesting. By now, everyone's heard about the mixup that saw La La Land incorrectly announced as winning the Best Picture award. Glad I didn't tune out after I heard that or I'd have missed the following kerfuffle. I don't think a mistake like this has ever happened before in the 88 previous ceremonies, though I'm sure someone will be fact-checking that today.

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable broadcast. I'm not a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel (I'm always amazed at how far he's come from "The Man Show"), though I like him a bit better with a beard. I think his only stumble was the bit with the tour bus, which went on for far too long. And dropping treats from the ceiling was funny the first time, but not when it was repeated.

I thought the commercials were interesting as well. Lots and lots of social commentary that could easily be read as anti-Trump. More power to them, though I did chafe when a car company used the civil rights movement to promote its products.

I'm looking forward tonight to the miniseries "When We Rise," about the Gay rights movement. I'm sure ABC is going to take a lot of heat for airing this one. If only I were a Neilsen household...

And now, Another Hot Guy.