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Yesterday was a total bust for me. I was still just too zonked from the previous day's Treadmill Push to do anything. I thought that getting a good night's sleep would restore me, but I woke up on Friday without any energy. I even went back to bed after trying to start my morning chores, which is something I never do (going back to sleep, that is, not doing morning chores). I trusted that things would be different after another round of sleep, and indeed they were. Despite the weathermen forecasting more rain, it's currently a beautiful sunny day in the mid 50s. I felt so good that I even made this another Treadmill Push day (with More Incline!). Truth to tell though, every day from here on out needs to be a push day. The clock is ticking on NYC.

While sitting around doing nothing yesterday, I genuflected on the nearly 14 years that I've been writing this blog. That, I think everyone will agree, is a shitload of entries. It's pretty clear that I'm not nearly as witty or clever now as I was in the beginning. It's hard to come up with new entries without repeating myself. I really do try to avoid duplication, though I'm sure that I've discussed a few things more than once. I apologize for that, I do.

Because my memory is stronger when it comes to visual things, I believe I can count on one hand the number of times I've repeated either a Favorite Bear of the Moment or Another Hot Guy — and then, it's usually been on purpose. Some guys are worth repeating (Aiden Shaw, anyone?), but I'm lucky that I can spot a repeat about 99% of the time.

Pretty sure today's Another Hot Guy isn't a repeat either (less sure about the cat, though).

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So... another bad eBay experience (with the same bad aftertaste).

I'm jonesing to get Apple's new wireless AirPods for my trip to NYC, but (of course) Apple is sold out and won't have the new gadgets back in stock for another six (!) weeks. Given the situation, I was forced to consider rewarding one of the cash grabbers who'd obviously scooped up all the existing stock if I ever wanted to have the AirPods in my hands before New York. It was on to eBay.

I found one buyer who was both (a) guaranteeing delivering of an unopened pair less than a week after the auction closed, and (b) not charging an arm and a leg. I put in a bid, set my deal-breaker limit, and began to patiently wait four days for the auction to end. I was the lead bidder right up until the last few hours of the auction, when things suddenly changed. The bid for the AirPods went from the $185 (a decent markup, given Apple's retail price of $159) to over $225 in the space of an hour. Too rich for my blood.

Now, I don't know if eBay manages auctions to heighten the "thrill" of betting... er, bidding on an item. It seems to me that it wouldn't be too difficult for a major online retailer to juggle bids at the last minute. It just seems weird that this has happened on every single item I've ever bid on. Of course, I haven't done it often enough to claim any scientific accuracy in my views, but it sure seems like something is going on.

It's also quite possible that sellers themselves are logging in with different IDs to pump last-minute bids. This feels more likely to me, but the "beauty" of eBay is that there's no way to be sure. And should the seller secretly "win" his own item, he or she can always put it back up for auction. It's a win/win situation for the company anyway, as they make more commission when something sells at a premium.

So I'd say that today's experience had soured me completely on eBay, but I'm sure I'll try again the next time I want something really bad. In the meantime, no fancy wireless headphones for me in NYC. Sob!

And now, Another Hot Guy (can't say the same about his cat...)