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Republicans are undoubtedly laughing their asses off over the "outrage" of mainstream media that some major news outlets were barred from today's White House "press" briefing. With near-total control of the U.S. government, the only rules that apply to Republicans are the ones they decide to make. And when you think about it, barring the press from a press briefing was merely the next step for Trump. If you rail against the "dishonest" press, you ultimately have to separate yourself from them. Fuck precedent. The Republicans want no dissenting voices, so they feel they can silence any who dare speak out. Hitler had the same idea.

Now if only the press would realize this and do something to avoid playing further into Republican hands. Stop playing nice with him. Treat him like the Pariah he is. Don't blindly follow his lead. If Twitter is Trump's new reality, create a new press media that circumvents that.

In other words: Grow a pair. It will be the only way to deal with the things that are undoubtedly coming. Anything less and the Republicans will continue to win, over and over and over again.

On a different (and better) note, here's Another Hot Guy.

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I enjoy watching "Judge Judy" reruns in the afternoon despite the fact that the television star has developed quite a wet palate these days, which makes it difficult for me to listen to her for prolonged periods. No binging watching "Judge Judy" for me anymore.

But I especially love watching "Judge Judy" when the judge smacks down self-righteous, entitled women, as she did in today's episode. The plaintiff in the case was suing for money owed by her ex-boyfriend — which Judge Judy did award her. But then came the cross-compliant by the defendant, in which it was revealed that the plaintiff had not only locked him out of the apartment during a short out-of-town trip but that she had also filed a Protective Restraining Order against him, for which he was seeking damages. When questioned about the lockout and the Restraining Order, the plaintiff smugly argued that she felt she had the right to do so. Judge Judy didn't see it that way, and decided to award the defendant the exact amount of money she had previously awarded to the plaintiff. In Judge Judy's words the entitled plaintiff: "You get nothing!"

Smug people routinely refuse to give up their self-centeredness, and sure enough this woman continued her ways in the post-verdict interview. It was there revealed that the plaintiff had really acted out of spite for her boyfriend's alleged cheating. Thank the legal gods she didn't get to play the victim for that in front of Judge Judy.

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