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Well, this Spring is certainly seeing a bountiful cluster of new music from some of my favorite artists. There's already been news of albums from Blondie and Depeche Mode, and on May 19th we'll see:


I had to preorder up the orange vinyl release on PledgeMusic, of course. I'm excited. Vince (to me, at least) seems to be heading back to his synthesizer roots in recent years. That can only bode well for "World Be Gone"!

It seems that more and more artists are using private sector sites like PledgeMusic to offer fans more than just a simple CD. Nearly all of these music drives offer swag — at a cost, of course. Still, it's a nice change of pace. And I'm betting the artists are getting a bigger cut of the monies as well. More power to them!

Another Hot Guy seems to agree with me...

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Today was a treadmill Push Day, after having taken yesterday "off" (though I did do a bit of extended walking outdoors). I managed another 30-minute session this morning at an (admittedly) slow pace but with an incline setting of 2. Increased incline is the way to quickly burn calories. It's still a long way from my glory days, but I was really quite pleased with myself and felt really good.

Until about 3:00 p.m., that is. For some reason, it was like a switch was thrown and my body just wanted to shut down. I'm barely able to lift my legs now, that's how tired I am. I'm taking this as a good sign, since everything I know about exercising says that you don't really progress until you've exhausted your muscles. We'll see how I am tomorrow, but I'm anxious to continue pushing. Today was the first time in several years (!!!) where I felt like I'd actually gained some strength. The feeling didn't last past 3:00 of course , but maybe tomorrow I can make it to 3:30... After all, the NYC trip is right around the corner.

And there's bound to be Another Hot Guy around every corner there.