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Ugh. A bit of anxiety over something I just did.

On a whim, I went online to see how much my early booking for my NYC hotel reservation (last August!) was saving me versus current prices. Boy, was I surprised to see that the online offer was about $125 less than the previous total. That's a substantial difference, IMHO. The catch — there's always a catch — is that the cheaper rate was for a nonfundable total which is billed immediately upon clicking the "enter" button.

I actually waffled on whether to go ahead with the new reservation. After all, if terrorists strike and JFK Airport is shut down during that last week of March, I'm out a thousand bucks for the room. On the other hand, I've already prepaid for everything else during the trip (except for meals, of course) and I didn't have any qualms about that.

Is the risk worth $125 bucks? Well, we'll see at the end of March. I called in to cancel the original reservation and made sure that the new one was still in place. I guess I'm going to NYC come hell or high water.

And now it's time for the treadmill. And Another Hot Guy.

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Television and films have such a lousy track record when it comes to sequels (does anyone remember "AfterMASH"?), so it's with mixed feelings that I'm prepping myself for tonight's airing of "The Good Fight."


The show has a number of good things going for it right out of the bat. It's a spin-off from one of the only shows that I've actually liked during the past few years, "The Good Wife." Even better, it centers on that show's Diane Lockhart, played impeccably by the fabulous Christine Baranski. It also includes a number of great actors from the original show, carrying on their characters (Sarah Steele, Cush Jumbo, Gary Cole, among others). In addition, the creators of "The Good Wife" are producing the new series, and they seem pleased that taking the non-network approach by being available exclusively (except for tonight's one-time preview on CBS) on the digital streaming CBS All Access has enabled them to craft a 10-episode story arc that's free of prime-time censorship (a strong Lesbian character in a loving relationship, for instance).

But... there are a number of bad things about this new series that make me uneasy. I'm not sure these characters are strong enough to make a sequel fly. That was a problem with "AfterMASH" as well, and the absence of Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth might be unsurmountable. Furthermore, there's the problem of CBS All Access. While it makes sense for a major network to make a cash grab by starting a subscription service (for which it will air ads as well), I'm not buying it. I may be a bit more tempted once "Star Trek: Discovery" premieres on the same service later this year, but I doubt it. I'm guessing the internet will provide an alternate way to view the shows.

Even so, I'll be in front of my set tonight to catch the pilot, even if I'm not ready to pay for the rest.

Now here's Another Hot Guy.