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Holy shit, but Debbie Harry looks ah-mazing in Blondie's new video:

This woman will be 72 fucking years old this July, and she looks about 30 years younger than that in the video. Her male counterparts don't fare quite so well, but then straight men are taught that they don't have to take care of themselves and so start to look pretty haggard early on. It's always been a kinda/sorta litmus test for me about whether someone is Gay. Out Gay men tend to take better care of themselves than their straight counterparts, and baby, it shows.

Anyway, Blondie's new song "Fun" is still a limp debut for their new album, but I'm still looking forward to it next month.

Looking forward to Another Hot Guy as well.

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During a commercial break yesterday during "Hollywood Today Live" (the first 15 minutes of which always gets me laughing and feeling better), I channel surfed and caught a few minutes of "The Talk" on CBS. I loathe Julie Chen, who acts as the moderator of the show in what's supposed to be a round table of spontaneous girl talk. Except there's very little that's spontaneous about it — everything feels scripted, and the co-hosts never overcome the obviousness of what they're doing (even the guests have obviously been pre-fed questions).

The few minutes I watched were a perfect example of this. The segment dealt with romantic "confessions," with one co-host each day choosing a seemingly random topic thanks to a plunger button they were given. Except on this occasion, the co-host forgot to press the button on cue even as the "random" topic came up anyway. Then, she "confessed" that she'd "never told anyone" her secret before. But as she blurted out how one particular R&B singer really got her motor running, the curtains opened up... and there was her favorite singer. Quelle surprise!

Why go through the motions of making things seem random and spontaneous when they are anything but? Treating audiences like they're idiots really gets MY crank going, and not in a good way. Too bad there's a lot of that happening these days.

Now here's Another Hot Guy.