notmypresident: (Bob's Burgers)
With the clock ticking, there was no time like the present to get my fat ass back on the treadmill to assist my weight-loss plans. The machine is still awaiting a new belt (due to arrive next week), but I'd asked the repairman if using the treadmill now would damage it, and he said no. So I had no excuse. I was actually afraid to get back on, for fear that my accomplishments would pale when compared to previous efforts. And while I have a long way to go before NYC, I was mildly surprised that I didn't do that badly. We'll see what happens by March 27.

I thought it would be nice to grab a pair of the new wireless AirPods for the trip, but the Apple site says that it won't be back in stock until... you guessed it, March 27. Fuck.

I had my monthly labs done earlier this week. When I came out of the clinic, the nearby Ghiradelli chocolate factory was cooking up a new batch and the smell of chocolate lay heavily on the breeze. I actually started to salivate!

Speaking of salivating, here's Another Hot Guy.