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Ugh. Every time I think I'm a pretty smart guy, the Universe slaps me back down.

I decided it would be good for me to lose some weight before my trip to NYC. I've been dieting on my own for the past month, but the process has been far too slow (only 5 lbs.). I've been eating around 1,000 calories a day, but I think my body has gone into fat storage instead of fat removal because it thinks I'm starving — go figure. So I was intrigued by a Weight Watchers commercial that said I could lose 10 lbs. in a month on their plan. I went to the web site and they had a 3-month option for $50. It sounded great! Of course, it wasn't.

After subscribing and going through a lengthy selection process of foods and meals that I thought I would eat, I was left with... nothing but recipes. It wasn't as if I thought I was going to get three months of food for $50, but I certainly expected Weight Watchers would have frozen or prepared meals that I would pay money to have shipped to me. Nope. Evidently, you pay $20 a month just to track the meal values assigned to foods by Weight Watchers. I mean, WTF? I naturally called back to cancel the membership and get a refund.

Even so, this company must be raking in money from other dummies like me.

And now, Another Hot Guy (who is still hot even in that ridiculous bear/wookie head piece).



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