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I've been having trouble communicating with the hotel I'll be staying at during my upcoming trip to NYC. Given the length of my trip, I have to have dialysis fluids shipped to the hotel ahead of time, which means coordinating the trip with the medical supply freight department — by this Thursday! I've really enjoyed staying at this particular hotel in the past, but call after call and message after message to various departments there went unanswered. After about a week and a half of this, I called the hotel operator and demanded to speak with someone. I did. Unfortunately, that "Customer Service" representative could barely speak English. She refused to take my email and instead tried to give me hers. But thanks to a heavy accent, I got the address wrong three times and the emails were bounced back to me. I finally nailed it after making her spell out the address letter by letter ("A as in 'apple'?"). Even when she replied though, some of my questions went unanswered. At least I did find out what to do so the hotel doesn't reject the supplies. I also found out I'll be charged $38 per box by the hotel for "delivery" to my room.

Now, I know: I should look for another hotel. But the fact remains that this is New York City, and the 800-lb. gorilla is gonna do whatever the hell the 800-lb. gorilla wants. We've been taught to take our money elsewhere when business standards fall to a certain level, but in New York the turnover is so great that they don't care about individuals. I seriously doubt that there's any other facility with such a convenient Times Square location (really, the theater for "Hello, Dolly" is half a block away!) who would treat me differently. At least the medical freight company is being understanding and will work with me to get the four boxes there the day before I arrive (thus avoiding any hotel "storage fee").

The experience left such a bad taste in my mouth that I did something I've never done: write a bad Yelp review (cross-posted to the hotel's own Facebook site). I think I was hoping that I would get a response with some reliable references... but no. Instead, the reply (cross-posted to both sites) was generic we'll-try-to-do-better bullshit. Ack! You might think that this experience has dampened my outlook for the trip... but no. My enthusiasm is so high that it's managed to overcome this hurdle. Although I'm worried that these life-dependent medical supplies might not reach me, I'm still super-excited to be heading back to the Big Apple...

... where I'm sure I'll see Another Hot Guy around every corner!

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[I'm procrastinating on some household chores that I promised myself I'd have done today... well, I still have six hours, so what the hell?]

I don't like to leave anything to chance. That's not always possible of course, but when it comes to planning a vacation I try to dot all my I's and cross all my T's. So it should surprise no one that I have just about every aspect of the NYC trip already plotted well in advance. I made hotel reservations last September, bought my plane tickets shortly after that, and started attacking Broadway theater web sites the minute tickets went on sale for shows I wanted to see. I got quite lucky with "Hello, Dolly" as most people were unprepared for the unprecedented demand ($9 million on that first day, a Broadway record). I've since managed to get into all but one of the shows I'd wanted to see.

Here's what I will be checking out:


All of the shows come with a good deal of pre-opening buzz. Well, except for "Present Laughter." It's hard to drum up a lot of enthusiasm for a 75-year old Noel Coward play. This is definitely a star turn for me, as Kevin Kline never fails to amuse. Of course, I'm most excited to see Bette Midler in "Hello, Dolly," but I'm nearly as keen to see the legendary Patti Lupone in "War Paint." I saw her in the original production of "Evita" and then later in the revival of "Sweeney Todd," and her talent lives up to her press clippings.

Now here's Another Hot Guy who may or may not be from NYC (but probably not).