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It's been a Donna Summer listening day here. I don't know why, but I sometimes get in the mood to just hear one particular artist. I typically have iTunes set to random play (after all, all the songs in my music library are already favorites), but today it's been All Donna, All Day. Go figure.

I caught "Saturday Night Live" last night and really appreciated the drubbing they gave Trump. The punches came almost non-stop — so much that things seemed off when a skit didn't bash the motherfucker. A highlight for me was having Steve Bannon show up as The Grim Reaper (who asked at the end for Donald to give him back "his chair" in the Oval Office), but the undisputed champ of the night was Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Mouthpiece Secretary Sean Spicer. Sorry about the embedded commercial — just mute the audio while it's playing.

There were lots missed opportunities over the night for sketches, which were generally reduced to one- or two-line throwaways, but I was generally pleased with the Trump criticism. The only downside was that so much of what went down wasn't really that far removed from reality. And only two weeks in...

Thank the gods there's Another Hot Guy for some distraction.

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Well, it certainly made me want to get some:

It's so great that they had the bearded executive reacting just the way the women do (though I wonder if they edited those shots out in certain markets).

And now, Another Hot Guy.