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I had an annual heart scan this morning. I won't hear about the actual results until April, however. The specialist behind the scan only services my cardiologist's patients once a month and I'll be in New York City for her March visit, so... there I was, two months early. After all was said and done I asked her if there was anything I needed to be worried about for the next eight weeks, and she said no. There appeared to be a calcium deposit near one of my heart valves, but she said that was common for folks on dialysis and that it wasn't terribly concerning. Unfortunately, she said there wasn't any current treatment for this. How strange, in this day and age.

After the appointment, I put on my Big Boy Outfit and decided to walk from my cardiologist's office to a flower shop in order to pick up a fresh bouquet for the house. Mind you, this was not an easy choice. Given my limited mobility, it's a chore for me to walk even short distances. And with no feedback from my feet, I can't feel changes in the sidewalk that might cause me to trip or lose my balance. I'm guessing that the distance today was only about a half mile, but I managed to make it all the way... only to find that the flower shop had stopped doing business last September with the retirement of the business owners. Curses!

I'm telling myself that the endeavor was still worthwhile, if only to get in some exercise. After all, New York City is on the horizon...

Now here's Another Hot Guy.

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My, but hasn't Chef Duff Goldman turned into quite the furry daddy bear!

I'm a big fan of men who are lucky enough to have their beard line go up into their cheeks and (better still) who don't save it down — just like Chef Duff! He's apparently straight, but one could always hope...

I caught Chef Duff on today's episode of "Hollywood Today Live," a show that I watch because of Ross Matthews. As the main host (a point that I bet co-host Garcelle Beauvais would beg to differ with), Ross definitely Gays things up on the show. He's silly and terribly fey, but in a really charming way. Folks like Matthews are unsung ambassadors of Gays, proving to America that it's okay to be who we are without mincing words. Well... maybe with a little mincing. In any event, HTL is far more enjoyable than CBS's "The Talk" (which airs locally at the same time). That show is so stupefyingly structured that there is zero sponataneity — even the guests sound like they've been pre-fed both the questions and answers. Blech!

Better just to go with Another Hot Guy.