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Oh, this was too good not to pass on. If you've ever seen John Carpenter's They Live, you'll get the joke:


One of the most disappointing aspect to Trump's electoral college win was the thought of having to listen to her lies for the next four years. Good lord, but The Dark Side certainly seems to have drained this woman of all life and vitality.

Now on to better things in the form of Another Hot Guy.

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Astrology is not something I give any credence to, but there's no denying that some of its tenets are based on carefully observed human behavior. Typical descriptions of Cancerians refer to them as being caring, nurturing, and centered on the home (we'll skip the hetero-centric references to "large families with children").

Well, most of the Cancerian description do apply to me, particularly the bit about being a homebody. Over the course of the last week as I've completed more and more of my housecleaning projects, my mood has noticeably lifted. I'm once again taking a bit of pride in where I live, and I'll even occasionally get what I call "happy spurts" — little moments of sudden joy. We should all experience happy spurts and as often as possible.

The only down side to having completed the housecleaning projects is that there always seems to be one or two more lurking right around the corner...

And now, Another Hot Guy.