notmypresident: (Fuck Trump)
The protests yesterday in response to Trump's executive order banning the immigration of certain individuals was heartening, to say the least. I've been worried/concerned that the anti-Trump fires might die down as time goes on, but Trump himself keeps stoking the flames. The demonstrations at San Francisco International Airport were comprised of about 1,000 people — pretty fucking amazing, considering the SFO is out in the boonies and isn't exactly easy (or cheap) to get to. What's more, aside from some initial blocking of traffic, the protests were entirely peaceful. I've no doubt that if it were Trump supporters demonstrators, the results would have been drastically different.

I'm also pleased to see that, at least initially, some judges are agreeing that Trump's actions are unconstitutional. Now if only the spineless asswipes in the Democratic party would stand up and be heard. If they don't take the reins NOW and provide some leadership, then who will?

Another incredibly beautiful day here in Northern California listening to Mike Oldfield's super "Return to Ommadawn" in glorious 5.1 surround sound. It doesn't get much better than that.

Oh, wait — it does. Here's Another Hot Guy.