notmypresident: (Mon-el)
For reasons unknown, my good spirits have faltered a bit over the past couple of days. I'm trying to work through the negativity, however. It helps that the cumulative effect of having done minor chores recently have resulted in things appearing to be less overwhelming. Even now though, there's a saturation point. My Blu-ray collection is in disarray, but when I just tried to begin alphabetizing them I realized that I'd reached the end of my rope for daily chores. I just couldn't seem to make my way over that hump, and so I'm doing the next best thing (aka, blogging). I'd say the house is about 85% back to normal, and that's a good feeling.


I considered giving up watching the second season of "Supergirl," but two things have kept me tuning in: (1) the reveal that Supergirl's adoptive sister is Gay, and (2) the introduction of Mon-el, a character from the Legion of Super-Heroes. I was initially disappointed that the writers (who announced ahead of time that one the show's characters would come out this season) went with revealing the cop with the butch haircut was a Lesbian (nothing stereotypical about that). But the actress handling the role is really quite good, and so it's been an interesting journey. Even so, I wish they'd gone with the techie nerd as the token Gay.

As for Mon-el, I have no fucking idea why they decided to use this particular Legion character. As revealed on the show, this Mon-el is a playboy prince-on-the-run from outers space who likes to booze it up and flirt with anything in a skirt. That's about 180° from the Mon-el in DC Comics, and it begs the question of why they did't go with someone else (such as Dev-em, a Kryptonian rogue/villain). I dunno. I've been waiting to see if Mon-el will eventually don a super-suit (as was hinted at recently), but this particular aspect of the show has left me cold.

Okay, enough blathering. Time for Another Hot Guy (or two).