notmypresident: (Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene)
So I just snagged a ticket to see French synthesist Jean Michel Jarre in concert on May 26 during his "first ever" U.S. tour.


I went for a reserved seat in Berkeley's Greek Theater and wound up paying the most for a concert ticket than I ever have before. But I figure that I've been enjoying JMJ for some 40 years now, and I would likely have gone to at least one or two of his concerts had he previously toured here, so... Yeah, rationalization comes easily after spending so much dough. And I hate how I can't even find my seat on any chart for the venue; the ticket mysteriously refers to "Section Left" but that's not indicated in any reference material I can find. I can only hope that "Section Left" doesn't refer to the stage wings.

Now here's Another Hot Guy.